Dr. Barbara Sturm

Relaunching the fastest growth brand in molecular cosmetics with BigCommerce.


A clear objective: to capture the in-store consultancy experience online.

Live Site



2019 - Present

The Challenge

Dr. Barbara Sturm are a highly successful, high growth skincare brand with an almost cult following across the globe. They had a disparate set of sites on different technologies, costing them flexibility and agility - which ultimately meant they couldn’t grow revenue and improve how they engaged customers in their different markets.

We consolidated Dr Barbara Sturm’s successful eCommerce channel onto BigCommerce in under three months and have continued to work with them to integrate an array of new technologies in order to deliver a category leading experience and highly efficient operating and marketing model.





We delivered the first launch of the site in under three months. This included integrations with 30 different systems, which control different elements of the customer experience or eCommerce operations. This was enabled through the ‘composable commerce’ approach that is baked into BigCommerce’s architecture and via a customisable middleware, that was built on Laravel.

We also adapted the site to reflect elements of the in-store experience, such as the Routine Finder, which allows customers to build a skincare routine from multiple product categories that suits their needs.

Ultimately, all this meant we doubled conversion rate, increased online revenue by 160% and enabled North America to account for 66% of sales.